Google's next campus looks like a campsite from the future

But there will almost definitely be hot running water. And WiFi.

Google's grand designs for a new complex have been upgraded since we saw them last. Its still-in-planning campus (right next to the Googleplex), has benefitted from new renders, revealed in part of the company's planning application to local officials. It's less transparent and, well, dome-y than last year's designs. If you enjoy 40MB pdfs filled with planning detail, you can dive in right here. Meanwhile, we've collected the renders right here:

It's an intentionally flat structure, as Google attempts to blend the campus into the all the nature that surrounds it. This means tent-shaped roofs that slope down from each level. The complex will total roughly 600,000 square feet, which includes 45,000 square feet of interior landscaping, keeping plenty of green inside complex. And if the renders are to be believed, there will be space to rollerblade.