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The Morning After: Chevy's 800-volt electric drag racer

And Apple's big event starts at 10 AM.

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Richard Lawler
October 30th, 2018
The Morning After: Chevy's 800-volt electric drag racer

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

It's Apple's big day (again), and of course we're preparing to look over all the new hardware. Before that happens, we'll dig into important news about Sony's retro console, Chevrolet's electric race car and how all these new streaming services are digging into our pockets.

Where's that Macbook Air replacement?We're liveblogging Apple's Mac and iPad event at 10 AM ET

This morning, our NYC team heads south across the East River to the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where Tim Cook and co. are expected to debut new Macs and a refreshed iPad Pro. So far, the only reveal that's fully confirmed is iOS 12.1 since it'll be released for everyone later today. Head to our liveblog right here for all the updates as they happen.

Yes, 'Twisted Metal' is on it.Sony reveals the complete list of PlayStation Classic games

Sony has finally revealed the full game list for the PlayStation Classic, and it looks like it'll please fans looking for a nostalgia hit... mostly. In addition to previously announced games like Final Fantasy VII and Ridge Racer Type 4, you'll find definitive titles like Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil Director's Cut and Twisted Metal. MIA, unfortunately, are high-profile hits like Gran Turismo and Wipeout.

SEMA 2018Meet Chevrolet's 700hp, 800-volt electric drag racer

Called the eCOPO Camaro, it's based on the 2019 version of the Chevy classic and has an electric motor that can provide the equivalent of over 700 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. Chevy believes it can reach a quarter mile in under 10 seconds. Its standout feature, however, is probably its 800-volt battery pack -- twice the voltage found in a Bolt or Tesla.

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It's coming to T-Mobile on November 1st.Life with the OnePlus 6T: A better phone with less compromise

According to Chris Velazco, "Until we finish our full review, it seems premature to make any sweeping verdicts," but "OnePlus has learned a lot in its handful of years in the market, and the 6T is proof that it's really starting to hit its stride." Check out some early impressions on how its in-screen fingerprint reader and reasonable price (starting at $549) could make this "the smartphone steal of the year."

Human-rights group Sacom believes one of Apple's suppliers is illegally using child laborers.Apple is investigating reports of student workers in factories (again)

Apple is investigating reports that one of its suppliers is illegally using high-school students on its assembly line. Hong Kong-based human-rights group Sacom alleges that Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer has been skirting labor laws, using teenage "interns" to assemble the Apple Watch Series 4.

Sacom has talked to nearly 30 high-school students working at Quanta Computer's factory in Chongqing, China, and found many of them were working on the assembly line. One high schooler said there were roughly 120 students working in the plant. Last year, Apple supplier Foxconn was discovered to be using student workers for more than 11 hours per day.

Claire Underwood takes over.What's on TV: 'Matrix' Trilogy 4K, 'Dream Daddy' and 'House of Cards'

For gamers, Dream Daddy arrives on PS4, while movie fans can choose from 4K versions of all three Matrix movies (no Animatrix, unfortunately), a Criterion release of The Princess Bride or Nicolas Cage's latest flick Mandy.

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