Pandora's podcast recommendations are no longer a test

All users are now able to give it a try.

Pandora is bringing its podcast recommendations to everyone following a beta launch last month. The Podcast Genome Project suggests shows and episodes you might like using a combination of curation and Pandora's algorithms.

The personalized recommendations stem from hundreds of podcasts and more than 100,000 episodes across a range of genres. The shows include hits like Serial, This American Life and Pandora exclusive Questlove Supreme, along with podcasts from publishers such as Gimlet, Maximum Fun, The New York Times, The Ringer and NPR.

As with Pandora's Music Genome Project, the podcast tool looks at hundreds of data points (including your skips and thumbs-up or thumbs-down ratings) to suggest shows and episodes. The more you listen to podcasts, the better Pandora will get to know your tastes, and the recommendations should align more tightly with your interests over time.

If you have your own podcast and would like to have it available on Pandora, you can fill out a form and it will review the application. The podcast recommendations are available starting today, and they appear in several parts of the Pandora app, Including search, browse and podcast backstage pages.