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The Morning After: Apple v. Samsung is really over?

Plus reviews for the BlackBerry KEY2 and Sonos Beam.

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

We tried out the latest speaker from Sonos and took a phone call from Google's suspiciously-advanced AI assistant. It's no Westworld host, but the Duplex technology is already impressive. Also, we have what might be the final update in a long-running patent squabble.

Calling all students! While you're on a break from that summer job, go ahead and send us some back-to-school gadget questions before you decide how to spend the money you're earning.

Is it really over?Apple and Samsung settle seven-year patent battle

For years, Apple has battled Samsung in court, claiming that its Galaxy devices copied software and hardware design elements from the iPhone and iPad. Yesterday the two companies apparently agreed to an undisclosed settlement amount, after a jury ruled in May that Samsung owed Apple $539 million.

'A great entry point into the Sonos ecosystem.'Sonos Beam review

Not only is the Beam a relatively affordable, solid speaker in its own right, it's a capable soundbar and Alexa assistant rolled into one. Still, if you're really into movies then the Playbase or Playbar might be a better fit.

We tried taking a call from the Duplex-powered Assistant AI.Google's reservation-making AI will be making calls soon

At a recent demo in New York, Cherlynn Low, playing the role of a restaurant staffer on a call, got a chance to chat with Google's Assistant AI with Duplex technology. The company says it will begin test calls between "trusted testers and select businesses" in NYC and San Francisco soon. Its designers also explained how the technology works, and how it includes inflections like "um" and "ah" to help conversations progress smoothly.

Mark your calendar.Samsung will reveal the Galaxy Note 9 in Brooklyn on August 9th

We have a date, a time and a frustratingly brief look at an S-Pen.

The keyboard king is back.BlackBerry KEY2 review

With its blend of style, solid performance, a fantastic physical keyboard and a long-lasting battery, the KEY2 has more than enough to win over everyone who hates typing on a touchscreen keyboard. Now it just has to find more of those people.

25,000 HD movies in your pocket.You may soon store your entire media collection on one SD card

The new SD Express format allows for data transfer at up to 985 MB per second and cards with a maximum capacity of up to 128 TB -- at least theoretically.

IRL.What we're watching: 'The Good Place' and 'Westworld'

They have more in common than you might think.

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