Rivian's electric trucks can charge each other

There are also auxiliary battery packs if you need them.

If electric cars are ultimately batteries on wheels, shouldn't you have the option of charging one EV with another? You will with Rivian's truck and SUV. Company chief R.J. Scaringe told The Drive in an interview that "Rivian-to-Rivian" charging will be available. While he didn't elaborate on how it would work, the practicality is clear. Much like some newer phones, a friend with a low battery could grab some electricity in a pinch rather than waiting to plug into a dedicated charger.

Scaringe also confirmed the availability of previously-patented auxiliary battery packs. So long as you don't need all your available cargo space, you could toss in extra batteries if the 400-mile maximum range isn't enough.

The features add to the list of promises Rivian has made about its vehicles, which start hitting the market with the R1T truck's arrival in 2020. However, Scaringe stressed that his EVs were still dealing with the practical limitations of current technology, such as battery chemistry (fast charging speeds are still dictated by cell longevity), aerodynamics and charging infrastructures. To him, it was all about wringing "efficiencies" out of the tech that's already there.