Cult of the Lamb is getting a major free update called Sins of the Flesh in early 2024

Is the memed 'sex update' coming true? It's anyone's guess right now.

Massive Monster / Devolver Digital

The beloved action-adventure roguelike Cult of the Lamb is getting some much-awaited new content next year in an update called “Sins of the Flesh,” and many fans are hoping it’ll be the “sex update” they’ve been (jokingly? semi-seriously?) asking for. But, the team behind the game is being characteristically coy about whether that’ll actually be the case. “Sins of the Flesh,” announced in a tweet this week, will be free and “packed with new features, stories, and more.”

Per the tweet, the update will be available “very early next year.” The official X account also teased the release of more information in the weeks to come. Art shared alongside the announcement shows the cutesy cult members dancing nearly nude around a fire. Further fueling the “sex update” speculation, the team also posted a zoomed in crop of the art on Sunday showing two characters laying on the ground, embracing, and tweeted, “This could be us.”

Amidst the celebration and some concern online over the possible sex update, though, a community manager for developer Massive Monster wrote on Steam that people are “really running with” the sex update joke, and that “the age rating hopefully won’t change after this update,” suggesting it won't dip too far into more explicit territory. Yet, responding on X to a PC Gamer article that said the expansion won’t be the sex update, the Cult of the Lamb account posted, “Says who?” So really, who knows at this point. In a game that already has cannibalism and ritual sacrifice, everything is on the table.

Cult of the Lamb last got some new DLC back in April and announced a crossover with Don’t Starve Together over the summer. If you missed the boat when the game first dropped in 2022, there’s plenty of time to start playing and catch up before the new content is released... new content that may or may not involve sex.