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February 21st 2014 3:25 pm

Magic Mouse-like alternatives for the PC?

Hi all,

I reached out to y'all for help looking for a mechanical keyboard a while back (thanks everyone!) and now I'm back with the next question: Who makes the best PC alternative to Apple's Magic Mouse?

A couple caveats:
  1. I've actually come to like the Magic Mouse, mostly for its trackpad-like qualities. Like a lot of folks, I initially disliked the Magic Mouse (actually, I hated it at first), but I've changed my mind after about a year of ignoring it.
  2. I'd love a PC mouse that fits my hand better than the Magic Mouse (too flat, edges too sharp, etc.), offers discrete right/left buttons and has that trackpad-like ability.
  3. I'm not terribly concerned with it being game-focused; i.e., I don't need a ton of customizable buttons and whatnot.
Any suggestions?

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I am currently using a Logitech T620. No visible buttons like the magic mouse. It uses Logitech's unisync (I think) multi devise dongal. This mouse has ultra smooth Internet browser scrolling and feels Ok in the hand. The magic mouse is much heavier and has a better quality 'click', but the T620 does a nice job for the price.
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One interesting thing to be aware of is that it does seem like most if not all touch surface mice do not offer discrete right/left buttons and are usually gimped in the way this video shows. https:­/­/www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=Ts9fbkcl­_RQ

even if you don't want it to be game focused, I suppose pressing both mouse buttons is a requirement?
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I can't think of any non-game-related scenarios where you might need to both left and right click at the same time.
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Hold Right Click to aim, press left click to shoot. You can't do that with these mice.
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That's game related. I said I can't think of anything not related to games that requires both clicks at the same time.
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Various design programs would have the user holding both mouse buttons to pan the work area in absence of a mouse wheel or middle mouse button.
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But that's the nice thing about these touch mice, scrolling is the most perfect thing on them with a swipe on the panel. At least with a Magic Mouse on OS X, you can click and scroll at the same time. I've done so many times while highlighting many files or a lot of text.
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Actually, I would recommend Logitech T630 (successor to T620). I think it's the closest you will find as an alternative to magic mouse.
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I use a Razer naga epic. I own 2 nagas for me and my wife's computer and love them to bits. My friends have had good experiences with mice from corsair, mionix and logitech's gaming series. I definitely can say the Razer naga is the most comfortable mouse I've ever owned.
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What gives with Apple - The Magic mouse clearly is a faulty product. Endless online comments about the sudden loss of tracking function - zero meaningful feedback from apple - except inept comments like "did you change batteries?" etc etc.

My one year & 3 month old MM suddenly does not track....online I find dozens of similar comments from people - the apple response - zero meaningful support except to ask customers to buy another.

Show of hands - how many people with MM problems have received meaningful feedback?
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