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February 21st 2014 12:55 pm

Productivity apps that gamify your to-do lists?

A few years ago, there was a somewhat cheesy, but fun productivity app named Epic Win that gamified your traditional to-do list. Each time you completed an item, you would get some points to distribute to a character you created in the app. On one hand, it's pretty gimmicky. But it was also kind of fun.

See more here: www.rexbox.co.uk­/epicwin/

Anyway, the app hasn't been updated in over a year and has probably fallen by the wayside. Are there any other to-do list apps you enjoy that help gamify your tasks?

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I just found this one: CARROT https:­/­/itunes.apple.com­/us­/app­/carrot­-to­-do­/id591...
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Personally, I don't like the to-do apps with too many so-called motivation system. For me, I use to-do app to help me to really get focused. Now, I've settled down with TickTick.com. Just fine for me. Clean UI and core features.
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The main aspect of having a better productivity is the proper management of time and having a good control over the same. There is one tool which I use both personally as well as professionally to have a good control over the time and managing the same as well. Its the cloud based hours tracking tool from Replicon - www.replicon.com­/olp­/hours­-tracking­-software.aspx . The tool is featured with hassle free experience with user friendly and calendar based interface to maximize the productivity.
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