Google is shutting down Poly, its 3D model sharing service

Time to download your library now and find another source.

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Steve Dent
December 3, 2020 12:05 PM
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Google shutting down Poly 3D model site
Юрий Худов

Google is showing again that you rely on its products at your peril. The search giant announced that it’s shutting down Poly, its 3D object library and platform that arrived in 2017 aimed primarily and VR and AR creators. The service will end on June 30, 2021, so you’ll need to go here to download any models before then. All uploads will cease on April 30, 2021.

Poly was designed to help developers create low-poly VR objects, while hosting a library of assets that could be used in VR games and experiences. It offered an easier way to create assets than tools like Google’s Tilt Brush or advanced 3D creation apps from Autodesk, Blender and others.

The move isn’t exactly a shocker, as Google recently stopped selling its Daydream VR headsets and shut down its Spotlight Stories VR studio along with the Daydream Play Movies and TV app. It wound down its Jump VR platform in 2019, as well.

As Upload VR points out, Sketchfab is still a good option for VR creators, and in the wake of Poly closing, the company tweeted that it “just became profitable, so we are here to stay” — in contrast of Google’s ephemeral products. The company also noted that “everything you share becomes VR/AR ready.” Other sites with 3D content that can be used in VR/AR apps include TurboSquid and CGTrader, among many others.

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