The Morning After: Our first look at the iOS 14 beta

And Microsoft shuts down its stores.


It’s not just Mixer. Microsoft announced on Friday that it’s permanently closing all of its retail locations. They’d been on hiatus since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but now the company is going all-in with online stores.

Four locations in London, New York City, Sydney and Redmond will be “reimagined” as Experience Centers that don’t sell anything. Like the Mixer shut down, making this move just before launching a new console generation seems odd, but COVID-19 may have accelerated plans that were already in place.

-- Richard

iOS 14 first look: Apple tries to do more but still keep things simple

Widgets and the App Library are just a start.

iOS 14

According to Chris Velazco, the next version of Apple’s mobile OS has “some of the biggest visual changes to iOS since its debut more than a decade ago.” While you’re probably better off waiting for the public beta in July or its official release later this year, he’s taken the developer beta for a spin to find out what’s new in iOS 14.
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Engadget Podcast: WWDC breakdown and a health-tech check-in

Apple's keynote drives discussion around OS wars and health tech.


In Devindra’s absence, Cherlynn is joined by Dan Cooper as guest co-host, as well as senior mobile editor Chris Velazco to rip into Apple’s latest updates. From iOS 14 vs. Android, to watchOS 7, to macOS and Apple’s transition to ARM chips, there’s plenty to discuss.

Then, our hosts are joined by CNBC health and health-tech reporter Chrissy Farr to talk about the latest developments in healthcare and telemedicine. Do wearable companies have the right idea when it comes to developing products for COVID-19? What is Apple’s approach to this burgeoning industry?

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, Pocket Casts or Stitcher.
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Here's everything Apple announced at its WWDC 2020 keynote

All the details on iOS 14, macOS Big Sur and a coming split from Intel.

WWDC 2020

Need some time to catch up on all of the Apple news? We have the highlights right here, with every notable article about new CPUs and operating systems linked and waiting. Or, if you want a no-filler version of the keynote itself, a twenty-minute edit of Apple’s presentation will bring everything you need to know and nothing else.
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This week's best deals: Apple Watch Series 5, Echo Dot and more

Plus a couple of Sony wireless earbuds for less than $200.

Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Series 5 dropped to $299 again after WWDC kicked off earlier this week and Amazon still has some of its Echo speakers on sale (including the handy $35 Echo Dot with clock). You can grab some extra storage for your Nintendo Switch for less at Newegg and Steam’s Summer Sale has just begun.

Valentina Palladino has the full rundown for you here, and for more updates on Twitter, be sure to follow the @EngadgetDeals account.
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Hype and hope: Wearables in the covid era

Put a ring on it.

Oura smart ring

Are wearables finally getting to the point where they could detect COVID-19 symptoms before they appear (or provide a form of confirmation at the onset)? Violet Blue looks beyond the promo material and into the potential issues, including what this means for privacy.
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