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Pick up Apple AirTag leather loops and keyrings while they're on sale for only $10

Woot has discounted lots of Apple wireless accessories.


Apple's AirTag is certainly convenient for keeping track of everything from your cat to your keys, but it's lack of a key ring hole is frustrating to say the least. Fortunately, there are tons of great Apple AirTag accessories with a range of functions and prices. Right now, its worth checking out the Apple AirTag leather loop, on sale for $10 from $39 in California Poppy and Meyer Lemon. The 74 percent discount is part of a larger sale on Apple wireless accessories at Woot.

It's 74 percent off right now. 

$10 at Woot

While many Apple AirTag accessories are variations on key ring, the leather loop provides similar functionality with a sleeker look. It's a good option for attaching to a bag, suitcase or any item with a handle really. If you're in need of multiple AirTags then grab the two-pack, which Woot has discounted 81 percent to $15 from $78. You can also check out the AirTag leather key ring if you want a more traditional option. This model is on sale for $10 from $35, while the two-pack is discounted to $15 from $70. All of these items are marked down for 10 days or until they sell out.

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