Spotify will let employees work from almost anywhere

They can choose how often they visit the office, if at all.


The shift to working from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic will be a temporary one for many companies, but like Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft, it seems Spotify is embracing remote work for the long haul. It announced a Work From Anywhere program, through which it will allow employees to set up shop pretty much wherever they choose.

It will largely be up to employees whether they venture to an office once it's safe to do that again or mostly work at home (or just about anywhere with a decent internet connection). If they choose a location where there's no Spotify office close by, the company will set them up with a co-working space membership. Spotify called the move a "new way of collaborating that allows Spotifiers to work from wherever they do their best thinking and creating.”

Once the program gets off the ground in the summer, employees will need to chat with their manager and team to figure out how often they'll visit the office, if at all. There will a few limits on location, however, based around time zone requirements and "regional entity laws."

Spotify is aligning itself with several other major tech companies in adopting a remote work culture. Salesforce just made a similar announcement. It will allow for more flexibility when it comes to schedules and let most employees work from home for at least part of the week.