• MSI rolls out Wind Top AE2020 all-in-one in the UK (update: US too!)

    Donald Melanson
    Donald Melanson

    MSI's Wind Top AE2220 may have just started shipping 'round these parts a few weeks ago, but it looks like the company is already set to drop another model on the UK. While it remains mostly identical in appearance, the new Wind Top AE2020 scales things back a bit with a slightly smaller, lower resolution 20-inch, 1,600 x 900 display -- though you do still get the same multitouch functionality as its larger counterpart. Otherwise, you can expect to get an Ion chipset paired with a 2.1GHz Pentium T4300 processor, along with a standard 3GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive, a DVD burner, and Windows 7 for an OS, among other standard all-in-one fare. Still no indication of this one making its way over here, but folks in the UK can apparently pick one up right now for £599. Update: She's on Amazon's US site now as well for $659.99.