The Morning After: The billion-dollar bitcoin launderers are getting another documentary

From one of their former employers, kind of.

Benoit Tessier / reuters

According to Deadline, Forbes Entertainment and EOne are teaming up to produce two projects — a scripted series and a documentary — around bitcoin money launderers Heather "Razzlekhan" Morgan and Ilya Lichtenstein. Both projects will lean on Forbes' reporting, but the twist is that Morgan was also a Forbes contributor for several years. It won’t be the only studio working on the story, either. Netflix is already making its documentary on the billion-dollar bitcoin launderers. I look forward to the rap segments.

— Mat Smith

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There’s a code hunt on for free PS5s

Courtesy of Sony.

Sony has launched a contest for the chance to finally get your hands on a PS5. Over the next few weeks, Sony will release 14 unique codes resembling the PlayStation controller across its sites, social media channels and even at high-profile events in sports, gaming, film and music. Finding them doesn't automatically mean you win a console: Each code will only give you the opportunity to enter a draw to win a PS5, but if you’ve been unable to get the new console, perhaps you're willing to jump through all these hoops.

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Alienware x14 laptop review

A portable gaming laptop that covers all the bases.


While Alienware’s newest x14 isn’t quite as powerful or configurable as its larger siblings, it offers strong performance and a vibrant 144Hz screen in a deliciously sleek chassis. And if you really like traveling light, the x14 even supports charging over USB-C by default. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, expect short battery life during gameplay. However, the smart move would be to wait a month or two for competitors to release their latest 14-inch laptops. Both Razer and ASUS are coming out with refreshed versions later this spring. We gave it an 85.

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Telecoms giant Ericsson may have paid ISIS for access to Iraq

It’s admitted to finding purchases for transport routes in Iraq controlled by the terrorist group.

Ericsson's CEO told Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri the company may have made payments to the Islamic State (ISIL/ISIS/Daesh) terrorist group for its operations in Iraq. According to Bloomberg, CEO Boörje Ekholm said the telecoms giant has identified "unusual expenses dating back to 2018."

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‘No Man’s Sky’ update adds build-your-own AI mechs

And touch controls for the incoming Steam Deck.

The first major No Man's Sky patch of the year has arrived. Among other things, Hello Games says the Sentinel update improves the space exploration sim's AI and introduces a buildable AI mech. You can put an AI pilot in your Exomech and have it follow you and help out in battles. Players can build a drone companion, too.

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Uber will let you see how many one- and five-star ratings you get

New York City has the lowest average rider rating.

Uber riders can now see how many one-star and five-star ratings they're getting. The platform's Privacy Center, which debuted last month, shows riders and drivers a breakdown of their ratings. The company also revealed which major US cities have the highest and lowest average rider ratings. Drivers typically dish out higher ratings in San Antonio, St Louis and Nashville. Riders tend to get the lowest ratings in New York City, followed by Seattle and Washington, DC. If you’ve got a dire rating, Uber offers up a handful of tips, encompassing safety and common decency, to help you bump up your average.

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Google tries to figure out how to get ads on Android without so much tracking

As it struggles to do the same on the web.

As Apple pushes on with its anti-tracking features on iOS, and Google continues to refine its Privacy Sandbox for serving targeted web ads without third-party cookies, it's time for Android. Google announced today it's starting a "multi-year initiative to build the Privacy Sandbox on Android.” It’s early days, and the company is in the design and testing stage, but it said developers can "review our initial design proposals and share feedback on the Android developer site."

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