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You can keep your favorite Disney/Pixar characters as virtual pets with the new Bitzee

Bitzee Disney is launching in the US this fall along with Bitzee Magicals.

Spin Master

The Bitzee virtual pet line is expanding to bring some familiar characters into the family, plus some all new ones. Spin Master, which introduced Bitzee to the US last summer, is now gearing up to release two new versions of the device later this year: Bitzee Disney and Bitzee Magicals. The former will feature 30 characters from the Disney/Pixar universe, including Stitch, Olaf, Nemo and Dory, Remy, Mike Wazowski and Sully, and Heihei.

Unlike most digital pet toys, Bitzee doesn’t have a screen. Instead, it functions almost like a pettable hologram in a box, with movement-based controls and a flapping flexible display that allows the player to physically interact with the character. You can run your finger along the top of the display to pet the creature that’s being projected, for example, or rock the little box from side to side to put it to bed. There's also a small swipe bar that serves as a way to navigate the menu of activities.

On top of mini-games and caretaking tasks, there will be a replayable animation representing a memorable movie moment for each of the characters featured in Bitzee Disney. (Dory from Finding Nemo greets you by speaking whale.) Bitzee Magicals, on the other hand, will introduce entirely new characters, including some adorable cryptid-inspired creatures like a Yeti, Nessie and two versions of a Jackalope. Bitzee Magicals also mixes things up a bit with the addition of a magic wand feature that might, say, temporarily turn your pet into a duck on a skateboard. It’s pretty cute. You’ll also be able to change your pets’ colors by collecting potions.

A blue Bitzee Magicals device shown displaying a unicorn (left) and closed (right)
Spin Master

Bitzee is a pretty low-stakes virtual pet game; if you forget about your pets for a while or just don’t do a great job of taking care of them, they’re not going to die on you. This makes them particularly good for kids who might not be ready yet for a virtual pet as demanding as a Tamagotchi, but also for adults who just like to have something on their desk that they can fidget with here and there. Just close the box, and the pet will go into sleep mode.

Bitzee Disney is available to pre-order for $35 on Amazon today, while pre-orders for Bitzee Magicals ($30) will open on July 1. Both are slated to ship in the fall.