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New Eden is home to thousands of stories, and while most of them are a variation on "lulz, delicious carebear tears," occasionally an enjoyable piece of fiction arises from CCP's grand social experiment. In the past, officially sanctioned EVE Online-based fiction has taken the form of novels a...

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July 18, 2011 at 5:00PM
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Wormhole exploration is perhaps the key feature that came to EVE Online with the Apocrypha expansion. Its 'true exploration' of thousands of uncharted solar systems can bring great rewards but also entails equally great risks. The Sleepers are the strongest NPCs that players can face in the game's ...

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We've definitely heard of cellphones causing certain keys to not work properly, but this story just takes the proverbial cake. For reasons unknown, a small family car left in a UK car park was found to be intermittently sending out signals which blocked over a dozen other key fobs from functioning. ...

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