T-Mobile LTE speed test on iPhone 5

TMobile LTE speed test on iPhone 5

Engadget covered T-Mobile's Un-Carrier event yesterday and was able to get some hands-on time with an iPhone 5 connected to the carrier's new LTE network. The team from Engadget did what most good techies would do -- they fired up Ookla's SpeedTest app to see how T-Mobile's flavor of LTE performed.

Engadget tested the LTE network with two different iPhone 5 handsets and recorded download speeds between 18 and 26 Mbps. Upload speeds clocked in at a respectable 10 Mbps and ping times were under 50ms. These early numbers are promising, but it remains to be seen what happens to these speeds when thousands of subscribers start to surf and stream at the same time. Nonetheless, it's nice to see another carrier enter the LTE market with affordable wireless plans and low upfront payment options for phones.