Samsung Wallet hits Google Play for select Galaxy devices

Samsung's Wallet app, launched in Beta in the US a few months ago, is now available for wider consumption on Google Play in the US. Despite the name, it doesn't have Google Wallet-like powers of NFC payment, but works more like Apple's Passbook app to let you store and categorize tickets, membership cards, coupons and the like. Other functions include time and location-based ticket reminders, a "create my ticket" feature and the ability to receive co-marketing and loyalty card coupons. As you may expect, it's limited to Samsung devices, and for now the app only runs on the Galaxies S III, S 4, Note and Note II. You may also have trouble finding retailers accepting it, though Samsung said at launch that it would be supported by Walgreens, MLB,,, and Lufthansa in the US. If the stars line up and you need something from one of those outfits, are in the US and have the right device, check the source.