Moto X Skip NFC smartphone key official, ships free with Moto Maker orders

Skip for Moto X surfaced on Motorola's site briefly yesterday, giving us some insight into the company's new PIN-free unlocking tool before the $20 product was pulled. Today, though, Google's smartphone arm has returned to detail the new gadget, which is set to ship for free when you order a device through Moto Maker. According to this morning's blog post, the typical phone user unlocks their handset 39 times each day -- in theory, a device like Skip, which clips to your belt, shirt sleeve or anywhere else you want, will help you reclaim several minutes daily. After pairing the compact NFC accessory with your phone, simply tap your device to unlock it. Each kit also includes three Skip dots, which you can stick onto any surface and use in the same way. Initially, Skip will ship in gray with a black accent, but Motorola plans to make colored versions available as well, beginning this fall.