'Final Fantasy XV' slim PS4 bundle hits the US on November 29th

Do you like Japanese role-playing games enough to buy a new console?

Did you look on wistfully as Sony Japan unveiled a special edition slim PS4 to mark the launch of Final Fantasy XV? You don't have to anymore. Sony has confirmed that the console will reach GameStop stores in North America on November 29th for $449 US, or $549 Canadian. In the UK, it'll launch on the same day at GAME for £330. Besides the conspicuous moon decal on the system, you're getting a 1TB hard drive, a branded DualShock 4 controller, Square Enix's role-playing game (plus downloadable extras) and the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie on Blu-ray. It's a tempting deal if you can't get enough Final Fantasy into your life, although we have to ask: do you get this, or would it be wiser to spring for the more powerful PS4 Pro plus a separate copy of the game?