HTC Viveport store will support Windows MR headsets on June 5th

This includes the Viveport Infinity subscription service.

HTC is continuing to widen access to its Viveport VR store. As of June 5th, all Windows Mixed Reality headsets will have access to Viveport, including its Viveport Infinity subscription service. Only about 200 of the 600 Infinity titles will work with WMR headsets out of the gate, but this should still significantly expand the catalog of titles you can try using Microsoft's official headset platform. Pony up for Infinity and you'll also get access to 'premium' material on Viveport Video.

Not surprisingly, HTC is encouraging Viveport developers to add WMR support and reach a larger potential audience.

This addition effectively makes Viveport available to all the big VR platforms, including Oculus Rift headsets and Valve's Index. The strategy is clear: HTC stands to profit from Viveport app purchases and subscriptions whether or not you own its Vive hardware, so it only makes sense to expand the pool of compatible devices. You might also be more likely to buy a Vive headset in the future if you find yourself entranced by Viveport's selection.