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July 22, 2021 10:55 AM
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Many successful brands use every tool possible to distinguish themselves from their competition. Shouldn’t your URL be one of those tools? If you have a product you intend to advertise, a project you want to differentiate, a blog with a unique specialty or something else, a top-level extension that represents the work you do under the domain may benefit you. A .tech domain extension can help your work or organization stand out, and right now you can get an 80 percent discount on one- and five-year domains if you use the coupon code TECHNOW.

Customizing your domain name with .tech can instantly rebrand your work or show your expertise before anyone even moves past the URL. It's built-in, effortless advertising for professional or personal projects of any size, whether long-established or just launched.

Beyond the branding benefits, a .tech extension allows you a wider selection of domain names than is available under more saturated options like .com and .net. Because .tech is relatively new, you’ll find it much easier to secure the short and snappy web address you really want or the one that more accurately reflects what visitors will find on your site. Building a portfolio to boost your career? There’s a decent shot your actual name is available if you opt for .tech.

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Join big names like CES and Amazon on a meaningful top-level domain. Get one-year and five-year domain names with the .tech extension for 80 percent off when you use code TECHNOW.

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