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The Morning After: Apple Magic Keyboard review

And Nintendo is trying to meet demand for the Switch.

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April 21st, 2020
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Apple Magic Keyboard

More Nintendo Switch consoles. That’s apparently what we want. Whether it’s down to COVID-19 related supply issues or *that word for people that buy stuff and sell at a profit*, it’s difficult for some people to order a Switch at a time when they’ve arguably never been indoors so much. Nintendo is reportedly ramping up production on consoles, however.

The killer Switch feature in the age of lockdown and working from home, though, is the fact you can play it without hogging the TV. Netflix can be binged, news can be watched and your Animal Crossing isle still gets the attention it needs.

-- Mat

Microsoft's next Surface Go could up the screen size to 10.5 inches

You might also have the option of a faster processor.

Surface Go

More reports on Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Go sequel suggest the tablet will share a familiar form factor but pack a slightly larger 10.5-inch screen (versus 10 for the original) and a corresponding bump to a 1,920 x 1,280 resolution instead of the 1,800 x 1,200 from before. The tablet is still expected to debut next month.
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Review: Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad

It’s finally here.

Apple Magic Keyboard

You might already have a new iPad Pro, but now Apple’s Magic Keyboard is here to make it feel even more like a bona fide computer. According to Chris Velazco, typing is a pleasure thanks to Apple’s updated scissor-switch keys, and as its key layout is nearly the same size as the 13-inch MacBook Pro’s, acclimating doesn’t take long. The glass trackpad is a star, too, thanks in large part to improvements Apple made to iPadOS. That said, the iPad only has a 40-degree range of motion on its hinge, so it’s not quite as flexible as a laptop. However, it’s not ideal for every situation.
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Netflix prevents accidental skips with 'Screen Lock' on mobile

No more mistakes.


Accidentally swiping away from the action is one risk of watching TV or movies on your phone, but Netflix has a solution. Android users will start seeing a Screen Lock option at the bottom of the app’s interface right next to the Episodes, Audio & Subtitles and Next Ep. buttons when they hit play and watch on their devices.

Upon tapping Screen Lock, all the other buttons will disappear from the screen. There’s no longer any risk of accidentally playing the next episode, pausing or scrubbing forward and back. Users will have to tap the screen twice to deactivate the feature: the first tap will bring up an Unlock Controls? button, and the second tap will make them available for use again.
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Kovaluu's Beats and Loops app uses your phone as a drum pedal

The app detects your foot using your smartphone’s proximity detector.


Wear soft-soled shoes or socks, please.
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Facebook removes posts promoting anti-quarantine protests

It’s consulting with governors about whether those events break social distancing orders.

Facebook has been consulting with governors about anti-quarantine protests that could break states' social distancing rules. CNN reporter Donie O’Sullivan tweeted yesterday that the social network has already removed posts promoting anti-quarantine protests in California, New Jersey and Nebraska.

At the same time, the company launched an interactive map that displays reported county-by-county COVID-19 symptoms from users across the US. The data, obtained via Facebook surveys in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, will be updated throughout the outbreak, with plans to roll out symptom surveys globally in the coming days.
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The best apps for actually sticking to your fitness goals

Setting goals is the easy part.

Nike Run

Isolation, lockdown rules. Perhaps not even leaving the house. With no gym to go to, a lot of us have now rather static lives, making it harder to stick to a fitness regime. (Guilty.) However, there are apps to help you go the distance. Even if it all starts with getting out of your own front door.
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