The Morning After: Tesla reportedly formed a secret team to quash driving range complaints

The company has been accused of exaggerating its EVs' capabilities. Again.


Tesla is facing allegations that it's trying to minimize complaints about performance. Reuters sources claim the company had a secret Diversion Team in the Las Vegas area to cancel range-related service appointments.

If a customer complained the range didn't live up to marketing claims, advisors would tell owners that Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) range figures were just predictions and battery degradation would reduce range. Tesla supposedly began tinkering with range estimates a decade ago to exaggerate figures when an EV was fully charged. Cars would only begin showing more accurate range numbers below a 50 percent charge. The company also used a 15-mile range buffer when the estimate reached zero, much as combustion engine cars still have fuel in the tank when the gauge reads empty.

Tesla isn't the only EV company accused of inflating its range estimates, but it may be worse than most. The standards body SAE International recently published a study indicating EVs typically fall 12.5 percent short of their official range in highway driving. One of the co-authors, Gregory Pannone, told Reuters Tesla's shortfall was 26 percent – over double that average. It’s also faced accusations of exaggerating EV driving range in the past.

– Mat Smith

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