Holiday Gift Guide: $51-100

For him

Shure SE102MPA - What's a better stocking stuffer (or nice thrifty gift) for the gadget geek we all know than a decent pair of new earbuds? Shure, a company widely respected for delivering pristine audio, has priced its SE102MPA headset kit at something approaching totally affordable. The pair is a bundle of the company's SE102 buds and MPA phone adapter cable, which makes these great for PMP or smartphone duty, and they're sound isolating -- which is a big plus for train rides, gym visits, or just good, old-fashioned "me" time.
$99.99 - Buy from Shure

Logitech Harmony 510 Remote - We're all looking for a little more control... right? If you know a gentleman who is constantly shuffling between remotes, the Logitech Harmony 510 might be just the thing for you. With a spacious, intelligent layout, LCD screen, Harmony controller software (which lets you program activities on your computer and upload them to the remote), and a copious quantity of buttons, it should be perfect for getting his digital world under control. And with this price tag, it won't destroy your financial world, either.
$99.99 - Buy from Logitech

Microsoft Arc Mouse - If you're trying to find something unique and cheap, Microsoft's quirky Arc mouse might be just the ticket. The 2.4GHz wireless device sports a mighty 30-foot range, laser tracking, and can be easily folded up and slipped into the included carrying case. If the dude in your life isn't somewhat stoked to have such an odd looking (yet useful) gift bestowed upon him, you'd better schedule a doctor's appointment.
About $60 - Shop for Microsoft Arc mouse

For her

Wii Fit - No, seriously -- it's really fun, and anything that gets the both of you off the couch in general is a good idea. That's right: the both of you. Front like you don't also need a little extra exercise when you give this one and it'll just be you and your Mii by New Year's.
$89.95 - Shop for Wii Fit

SteelSeries WoW gaming mouse - Sure, it sucks to know that you're outranked by the Lich King, but nothing says "I care" to your favorite mage like a 15-button programmable mouse with an in-game config utility. Just don't expect to hear from her for a couple days after she opens the box.
$99 - Shop for Steel Series WoW Gaming Mouse

AT&T Quickfire - Smartphones may get all the attention, but there are a ton of nifty QWERTY featurephones on the market this year, and AT&T's Quickfire is one of the best-looking of the bunch. The 2.8-inch touchscreen rotates automatically when you slide it open to reveal the keyboard, making texting love notes a snap. On another carrier? Check out Verizon's LG env(2), T-Mobile's Samsung Gravity, or the similar Samsung Rant on Sprint.
$99 - Buy from AT&T

For son

Liquid Image underwater digital camera mask - Kids and family vacations typically don't mix, particularly when you're dealing with hard-nosed gentlemen. But with this camera-loaded mask, you can coax even the most defiant alpha male into tagging along on a family snorkel excursion -- and who knows, he might actually snap a few photos good enough to show to gramps upon your return. Do it for love, do it for parent-son bonding.
$99.95 - Buy from Hammacher Schlemmer

Takara Tomy AeroSpider - Hardly a holiday season went by when we boys at Engadget didn't receive some sort of remote-controlled vehicle. Sadly, Takara Tomy's wall-climbing AeroSpider wasn't available back in the 20s, thus we never had nearly as much fun as the Earthling you're unquestionably peering at above. Bottom line: how could you not want your son's face to light up like that when unwrapping one of these?
$51+ - Shop for Takara Tomy AeroSpider

Meggy Jr RGB - There's really nothing like a little challenge to show your son you care, so if you're looking to discretely keep his brain from crumbling over the break, there's hardly a better gift than the Meggy Jr RGB. It's one of the most programmable handhelds we've seen, and if your youngster can actually figure out how to code his own game for personal enjoyment, is there really anything he can't do? Hooking up with the opposite sex notwithstanding, obviously.
$65 to $95 - Buy from Evil Mad Science

For daughter

Elmo Live - What could be cuter than Elmo? How about Elmo busting out a cool, kid-friendly rap? Hailed as the "most innovative and engaging Elmo toy ever," Elmo Live dances, sings, jokes around and makes movements that "give kids the feeling that Elmo is alive in their own homes." If that weren't enough, after the kids are asleep he loves nothing more than kicking it with the parents. Apparently Elmo's quite a pool player -- and he's been known to make a mean Tom Collins.
$60.00 - Buy from Fisher-Price

Aly & AJ Guitars for Guitar Hero and Rock Band - If Guitar Hero or Rock Band is your daughter's bag, isn't it time she had a controller as sassy and stylish as she is? Designed by Radio Disney mainstays Aly & AJ, either of these guitars are sure to be a big hit all year 'round. Rock on!
$49.99 - Buy from PDP

Bio Energy Discovery Kit - Do you have a young scientist on your hands? If so, the Bio-Energy Discovery Kit might be right up her alley. The kit demonstrates alternative fuel cell technology by generating electricity from ethanol (eg: vodka), using it to power a fan for days on end. Whether or not the kit is actually the "fuel cell industry's first direct ethanol product," is anyone's guess, but it does seem like a shoo-in for her next science fair.
$99.99 - Buy from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

For mom

Roku Netflix Player - We already recommended getting her a Netflix subscription, but if you think your mom is unlikely to hang around the computer to watch movies, you'd be remiss not to toss in a Roku Netflix Player in with the bundle. The simple-to-use box can stream those Netflix Instant Watch movies sans computer, and should start to play nice with other content providers soon.
$99.99 - Buy from Roku

Aliph Jawbone - Sure, she might already have a Bluetooth headset, but odds are it's not nearly as attractive as Aliph's latest Jawbone headset. This piece of "ear jewelry" isn't just about looks, though, boasting some of the best noise cancellation on the market, so you'll hear her loud and clear the next time she rings you up to ask why you never call.
$94 to $100 - Shop for Jawbone

Peek - So you've failed to convince her of the necessity of a smartphone, but she's still hopelessly tied to that desktop computer to manage her plentiful email correspondences. Perhaps you can meet her halfway with the Peek, an email-only handheld designed with ease-of-use and simplicity in mind. It's attractive to boot, but don't think you'll be the favored child just because you set her up with one -- that $20 a month service fee won't pay itself.
$99.95 - Buy from Peek

For dad

Ion Audio SLIDES 2 PC - Look, your dad isn't a young man. He knows what slides are... in fact, he probably has a few spools laying around somewhere. Why not help ease him out of those wastes of space with the Ion Audio SLIDES 2 PC -- a device that will help him convert those precious, ancient memories into a handier digital format. Trust us, he'll thank you when he can toss that mildewy box in the basement.
$79.99 - Buy from Ion Audio

Belkin FlyThrough laptop bag - If you've got one of those fathers who's been busting his hump on business trips, here's a way to make his experience a whole lot easier. Instead of having to lug that laptop out of its case every time he hits a TSA checkpoint, he can keep the computer (and his sanity) in the same spot. Trust us, you can't miss with this if your dad is the traveling type.
$59.99 - Buy from Belkin

Nike+ SportBand - Just because the old man is, well... an old man, it doesn't mean that he's not keeping in shape. You'd be hard pressed to find a better (or more useful) piece of exercise tech than the Nike+ SportBand. This should help keep track of his workouts while remaining an unobtrusive part of the process. Just be careful if he challenges you to a race -- he's faster than he looks!
$59 - Shop for Nike+ SportBand

For colleague

HDD Stage Rack - If they seem to spend more time rummaging around under their desk with a half-disassembled computer than actually working, they might appreciate this HDD Stage Rack, which allows for "plug and play" usage of internal 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives over USB 2.0 and eSATA connections. Then again, maybe they like it under there.
$71.65 - Buy from Geek Stuff 4 U

Steelseries Ikari Laser mouse - Sure, it might say "gaming mouse" on the label, but you know what else takes exceptional eye-hand coordination and can benefit from on-the-fly adjustable sensitivity and ultra-accurate tracking? Excel.
$70 - Shop for SteelSeries Ikari

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 QuietPoint headphones - Yeah, whenever you tell him to turn down that Alanis Morissette -- and to please stop singing along -- he readily complies, but 15 minutes later you're faced with the same situation and life just doesn't seem worth living anymore. Maybe these can help. They're comfortable enough that it shouldn't be too much to ask him to wear them, and if he just won't comply you can ask to "borrow" them and bask in the magic of noise cancellation -- and that Sarah McLachlan mixtape you've been dying to play yourself.
$90 to $170 - Shop for Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7

For enemy

Fake iPhone - We don't know how much one of these costs, or where you can possibly get one, but by all means: if you have someone you really, really want to diss this holiday season, you absolutely cannot go wrong with a fake iPhone. This one, in particular, seems to have a real (albeit 1st-gen) iPhone casing, although it lacks innards or the ability to do anything beyond turn on. All the better for your not-beloved, right? Imagine the disappointment!
$?? - Somewhere in Russia.

HD DVD player - Yup, any HD DVD player will get the job done. While you're at it, maybe throw in an HD DVD copy of Battlefield Earth to seal the deal. Oh, that's right: you can't get Battlefield Earth on HD DVD. Your cruelty will be truly, undeniably on display with this one.
$55-$100 - Shop for HD DVD players

Scale Mouse - It's a mouse, but also a pocket scale. In our opinion, most senseless hybridizations of devices result in super awesome gifts for people you can't stand, but this one is surely a standout example of pointlessness. And yes, it also adds insult to injury if the enemy you're buying for has chubby hands.
$59.95 - Buy from American Weigh