Alcatel OneTouch reveals prototype E Ink flip cover (video)

E Ink -- the tech behind a large number of e-readers on the market today -- is starting to make its way onto smartphones. We've seen it on reference phones as well as devices like the YotaPhone and even the iPhone and Galaxy Note II (in the form of a case), and now a largely unknown company is rather unexpectedly seeking to harness E Ink tech for its latest flagship. That manufacturer, interestingly enough, is Alcatel OneTouch. Taking advantage of the magnetic docking ports on the back of the brand new 6-inch Hero, the company has designed a prototype flip cover with an E Ink screen on top. This offers the obvious functionality of reading e-books in traditional fashion without having the display drain massive amounts of power, but as you can see in the image above, its engineers are exploring other use cases such as a full lock screen with a dynamically changing weather widget, and we figure the sky's the limit. While press releases seemed to indicate that the accessory will see the light of day, company reps told us that it is still just a prototype and they're not certain if it will make it out to the market. Whatever may happen down the road, it's great to see E Ink coming alive on smartphones in different ways. Check out our gallery and a brief video below.

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