The Morning After: Tesla Model 3 review

And LG's G7 sneaks into MWC 2018.

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We're still not done with Mobile World Congress, and the show has a few surprises left -- like LG's G7. But first, it's time to take a ride in the Model 3.

The Fast and the InfuriatingTesla Model 3 review

Whether you're on the waiting list or on the fence, the Model 3 is one of the most-anticipated vehicles in a long time. Roberto Baldwin reports from behind the wheel of Elon Musk's mainstream EV and found the experience a mixed bag. It's faster and more nimble than Tesla's S and X, but its touchscreen isn't quite ready to make up for a missing dash cluster and button controls.

Sneaky.An LG G7 showed up in Barcelona after all

Ready for one more MWC 2018 flagship device? Israeli news site YNET got hands-on time with LG's G7 even though it was never officially revealed at the show. An LG spokesperson told Engadget that the phone in question was a "concept," and that LG never had this particular device at its main MWC booth. Whatever it was, the device sports a familiar-looking notch and OLED screen design with a Qualcomm 845 chipset inside.

The streaming show starts at 6:30 PM ET.Facebook will stream The Oscars red carpet this weekend

The Academy Awards take place this Sunday, and if you're an Oscar fan who can't get enough behind-the-scenes looks, Facebook has you covered. Actors Sofia Carson and Wesam Keesh along with commentators Chris Connelly, Ben Lyons and Adnan Virk will host "The Oscars: All Access," which you can also stream from ABC or on

Oreo with just 1GB of RAM.The first Android Go phones blend low prices with lots of promise

Android Go may well change how people around the world get to experience Android. By reworking the OS to perform on phones that cost well under $100, people in more places can run versions of the latest software and features. We went hands-on with a few, including Alcatel's 1X and the Nokia 1, to find out how it compares.

Get on the sticks while you watch.Xbox One tests spring update

Microsoft's next big update for the Xbox One is rolling out for preview program testers, and it has some features you may find intriguing. One of them is the ability for people who are streaming over Mixer to share their game controller with remote viewers, right through the web browser. There are also some tweaks for custom background music and 1440p support on the way, so keep an eye out for its arrival this spring.

Time to choose.The best cameras under $1,000

Nowadays, you can spend less than $1,000 for a camera body and get almost as much as you would with a model with three times the price. The only trick is answering a few questions: mirrorless vs. DSLR? Fixed vs. interchangeable lens? What size sensor do you need? Our guide can help you figure out the right answers.

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