Uber tests a $25 Pass that covers Eats and transportation

It may combine free Eats deliveries with Uber ride discounts and gratis Jump trips.

Uber is testing a subscription option that offers all-inclusive or discounted access to all its services. It's trialing a few variants of the plan in Chicago and San Francisco. All of them include trips on Jump e-bikes and scooters at no extra cost, free Uber Eats deliveries and a fixed discount on Uber rides for $24.99/month. In other locales, Uber is testing cheaper passes that include free Uber Eats deliveries above a certain order threshold as well as discounted rides.

The test seems to be an expansion of the Ride Pass. Subscribers get discounted rates on rides for a monthly fee. It costs $14.99 in some cities, and $24.99 in those where e-bikes and scooters are available -- currently, you can ride on those for up to 30 minutes for free with the pass. The latest test brings Uber Eats into the fold.

It remains to be seen whether the all-in-one option will roll out more broadly. "From meals to wheels and everything in between, we're always looking for ways to make Uber the go-to option for your everyday needs," Uber told TechCrunch in a statement.

If Uber adds the plan as a permanent option, it'd strike at a couple of competitors. Postmates, for one, provides free unlimited deliveries through its own subscription. Meanwhile, Lyft offers riders a set number of rides each month up to a certain cost under its All-Access plan.