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The Morning After: 'Ghost of Tsushima' multiplayer is coming this fall

And Colgate's $50 smart toothbrush is here.

Sucker Punch

Am I the only PS4-owning gamer who hasn’t finished Ghost of Tsushima yet? Sucker Punch’s smash hit samurai game is one of the great last efforts of this console generation, and if you’re already looking for a new challenge, then one is on the way — and you’ll need to bring friends.

Ghost of Tsushima
Sucker Punch

A new cooperative multiplayer mode will support two- or four-player missions that play out separately from the campaign. Start your morning off with a peek at the ominous trailer.

— Richard

Apple will give third-party Mac repair shops its stamp of approval

It started verifying iPhone repair shops last year.

Apple is planning to add authorized Mac service locations to its existing list of verified iPhone repair shops. That program kicked off last year, and 140 businesses have reportedly signed up. It’s a good sign for right-to-repair advocates, as Apple had previously limited warranty-related work to its own locations and large operations, like Best Buy, that could meet volume requirements. The new Mac program will provide parts and training to qualifying repair stores, but there’s no date yet for stores to pick up verification.
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Upcoming Chrome tweaks will point out fast-loading pages and insecure forms

Breaking browser news.

Chrome 'fast page' logo

Starting in the M86 build, Chrome will raise a red flag on forms that are on secure HTTPS pages but aren’t actually submitted securely. Details sent through these “mixed forms” are potentially visible to lurkers, who might read or change information. Meanwhile, on Android, Google will start surfacing a new Web Vitals metric. It’s a tiny label that marks a “Fast page” based on how quickly it loaded for users in the past.
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The best accessories for Nintendo Switch

Congratulations, you beat the bots and bought a Switch — now what?

Labo VR headset for Switch

A better Switch experience isn’t just about a better gamepad or charging dock; different setups may call for different accessories, and we’ve got a few recommendations for every kind of gamer.
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Colgate's latest AI-powered smart toothbrush starts at $50

And it stores info on brushing sessions to sync later if your phone isn’t around.


If you’re coming up on a toothbrush replacement (the ADA recommends every three to four months) then here’s another one to consider when you’re standing in that endlessly long aisle. The ‘hum’ by Colgate aims to prove that smart toothbrushes are indeed beneficial, largely due to an app that’ll teach you better brushing skills.

It claims the app can analyze how well you’re doing and offer tips on areas you’ve missed. The app also slowly awards points you can redeem for items like spare brush heads. Still, assuming the tracking doesn’t weird you out, the hum could be your entry-level gateway to smart toothbrushes.
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Life online: Subscribe to everything, own nothing

Welcome to the future, where everything is leased.

There is one industry that seems to thrive on life's current level of unpredictability: subscriptions. No, not just to Netflix and Spotify, but to physical items, like cars, clothes and furniture. It’s a trend that’s been slowly catching on over the past couple of years, and in a lot of ways, we have technology to thank for it. Nicole Lee explains how we got here — and where we’re going next.
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