Amazon sends out toy catalog with no prices ahead of the holidays

You'll need to go online to find out how much each product costs.

Amazon's holiday shopping marketing push is well underway. On Monday, it scrapped the minimum purchase amount for non-Prime customers to qualify for free shipping over the season. In another effort to get consumers to purchase their gifts from Amazon, the company is mailing out millions of copies of its first toy catalog.

The catalog, called "A Holiday of Play," mimics those from traditional toy retailers, with bold colors and happy kids filling the pages. It includes games (video and board varieties), action figures, dolls, subscription boxes (for STEM toys, Funko figures and books) and, of course, the kids versions of the Echo Dot and Fire 10 HD tablet. It features some expensive products, such as pricey Lego sets, a $400 electric ride-on toy, an LG 4K Ultra HD TV and a $500 Canon EOS Rebel T6 camera kit.

But you'll need to go online to find out those prices as there aren't any in the catalog, presumably because they tend to fluctuate. As such, the catalog implores you to scan items with the Amazon app to learn more. The pages are also dotted with Amazon's SmileCodes. When you scan these, the app takes you to a page with related gift ideas. Alternatively, the items are linked to their respective product pages in the PDF version of the catalog.

If you'd like a physical copy and don't receive one through the mail, you can pick one up at Amazon Bookstores and 4-star outlets, new stores in which the company sells highly rated goods along with new and trending products.